Unlike traditional counselors/ therapists who, quite frankly, aren't very effective because they only focus on what's going on at the conscious level, Annie gets deep down to your unconscious level to correct the CAUSE of your issues.

She did some energy work on me and, to be honest, beforehand I didn't think it would do much of anything, but WHOA! It was the most insane, trippy, surreal, incredible experience I've ever had in my life!!! I felt so amazing afterward and the results were instantaneous.

Tangible example: My young son is rarely affectionate with me, but after that session with Annie, when I came home my son ran into my arms, kissed me, hugged me and kept telling me how much he loves me (Wow!)  Also, I have some family issues, and this was one of the first Christmases where I felt much more peace than usual with my family. I feel as if I'm a bit more loving to them and others... and this is after just one session!

I am so thrilled that I attracted Annie into my life 😉 She is an absolute magician and it is genuinely miraculous what she does!

Lorean H.



Annie is a very kind and personable therapist. Very professional; skilled with people and at guided therapy. Easy to listen to; articulate with a soft voice. I was quite impressed with her explainations, knowledge and understanding. I highly reccommend her services and will be returning for additional sessions.

John F.


I did a remote session with Annie. She was very professional and very intuitive. Everything she said was right on point and truth. I had been feeling really stuck and blocked by something for several months, Annie was able to bring about what the block was. I have been able to heal the little girl in me and I am now free of that loneliness and lost feelings I have carried for so long. Annie is truly amazing and is being guided by so much love and light. I would recommend her if you are in need of healing past traumas.

Hannah J.


Annie is the 3rd hypnotist I have visited in the KC area over the last 3 years, and by far the best. Her techniques are different than the others, but I saw considerable improvement in the area I was looking to improve after my 2nd session. I recommend her highly, and am recommending her to family. Go for it!

Wendy D.


Annie was absolutely amazing!! She spent time beforehand explaining what to expect from the session and also listened to what I hoped to achieve from the session as well. I was simply blown away!! Annie has made me feel so much better, even after just one session. I will be returning. If you are unsure, just give this a try, you will not be disappointed!!

Dawn S.


I didn't know what to expect. Like most of us, I didn't have a good understanding of what hypnosis is. This is not your Hollywood Hypnosis.

Annie is a kind, gentle and a skilled professional. She told me exactly what to (and what not to) expect. Explained how hypnosis works before my first session. Annie's room is private, quiet and peaceful. Annie is easy to schedule with and is great at communicating.

I purchased 3 sessions up front. I read on many online searches that hypnosis can be a lot more effective after a few sessions. Not to give up. I decided to give hypnosis a try due to other methods failing and a "gift" of desperation.

I have always left her room with a feeling of revitalized hope. Even when I was feeling uncertain, I still kept an open mind and continued through with some helpful exercises that Annie gave me to practice at home.

I can say now that I am free of my affliction! I'm eternally grateful to Annie and I will be coming back for any other life struggles for a helping hand.

I've had no problem in the past paying for salon services such as my nails and hair. I am now glad that I invested deeper than my skin on myself. I would highly recommend Annie. Don't hesitate. You owe it to yourself to have a fresh start. Give her a call.

Katie M.


I went into the first session with an open mind and a list of questions of personal importance for discovering more of myself. Annie discussed the process and what to expect. She is also sensitive to my belief systems and respects and works with them to discover my inner self. It has been quite the journey and the pieces of my life are starting to connect to define a meaning.

I just finished my second session and came out with a sense of calm and a peaceful mind. Unlike my wife, I don't recall sessions after coming out; only recall feelings, Annie recounts sessions descriptively and shares recordings of my sessions so I can get a better understanding.

I think the right hypnotist is one you can connect with, and Annie really connects to me on an indescribable level. Joy, sincerity, empathic, sweet, guiding, caring, and filled with love. These few words describe, but do not encompass all that is Annie. She is so much more.

Give Annie a shot. My recommendation is to be open and have a goal on what you're trying to get out of the sessions. That reason can be fluid (as I've found). Go in with a set of questions you want to ask your higher self about anything that weighs on you. Acknowledge that it is natural to want to know what is unknown to the conscious self.

Scott M.


Annie is absolutely amazing & truly has a gift for helping people. My experiences so far have enlightened my journey of finding out where I came from.

Being raised in a Christian household I never considered having multiple lives through reincarnation. This truly is astounding to learn more about my past and family ties.

After each session I do additional research and verify more about myself that I might have overlooked previously.

Annie sends our recordings to us so we can listen and pickup more information we might have forgotten about or not known about.

My own experience as I was listening to my higher self talk, once coming out from hypnosis I could slightly remember what had been said during the session. Some people remember all that had happened and some don’t remember anything.

Below is a photo I found that illustrates the vividness of the sessions and actually happens to be a part of my past lineage in Scotland. I’m looking forward to continuing with my self-realization journey.

Thanks Annie!

Steph M.

Annie's crystal energy healing has had an awesome result for me.

I've been seeking a new direction professionally for some years, and have experienced frustration about this for some time. I even engaged a Genius Coach at considerable expense a couple of years ago to sort this out. Unfortunately while it was a useful experience, it did not sort my new direction out.

I had 2 crystal healing sessions with Annie in 2021. About an hour after the second one, I had a vision that was so powerful had to write it down immediately. It was very simple, and also the gateway to my new direction.

Within a few weeks, I had found that new direction, and four months later I am still unpacking it.
It's cleared so much that was stagnant in me, and will keep me busy and fulfilled for a very long time.

I credit Annie's crystal energy healing with opening this door, as it happened so quickly after my 2nd session, and I know how stuck I had been for years.

Thank you Annie. I know your work will continue to bless many others as it has blessed me.

I will add that I have worked with Annie with her hypnosis work as well, and found that successful too; but for me the crystal work really opened up my life. I will be forever grateful to Annie and her work.



I am delighted to add to the chorus here, of happy customers who have seen the wonders of Annie's talent as a hypnotherapist.

It was interesting...because upon starting my search for some hypnotherapy here in Kansas City, I found Annie and noticed that she was a graduate of the esteemed HMI, aka Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Los Angeles. In what feels like a past life itself, I lived in LA for many years and one cannot but be aware of HMI and what a respected institution it is. (Freeway signs directing drivers to the HMI campus cannot be missed!) Anyway, that was a sign in itself that she would probably be a good hypnotherapist.

Suffice it to say, I was thrilled with the results of my initial hypnosis sessions. Her warm and gentle demeanor, and strong natural insight into the most effective way to guide a person through the sensitive emotional issues that are addressed with hypnosis - were beyond impressive. And so appreciated. 

I even later on went back to her for her reiki service, which I think is not something she promotes quite as much as her hypnosis, but she really should. In fact I wouldn't have known about her being a reiki master had it not come up during our chat after one of our hypnotherapy sessions. Words can hardly express how amazed and relieved I was when she was able to bring some very strong relief to a sports injury through only a couple of quick reiki sessions. As a result of what I experienced with Annie, I've actually been telling people how truly miraculous reiki can be - which is something of which I myself was previously unaware.

Final verdict is: if you need a hypnotherapist - reach out to Annie. You will not be disappointed.

Brant B.


Annie was very calming and comforting and I did enjoy my experience. A day later I still feel the effects and I still feel better than I did when I went in there. I went in there about anxiety and I don’t feel as anxious. I went in there for tension and I did not clinch my teeth while I slept last night.



I thought Annie was very kind, caring, empathetic, very thorough and completely professional. With only one session I notice a big improvement today! I'm looking forward to going back!! Her office is also very convenient as well as soothing and comfortable. She really put me at ease and explains the process very well.



I have seen Annie for tuning fork therapy and hypnosis, she extremely professional and exceptional at what she does. I continue to see her weekly and look forward to her services, especially during the current state in America!

Colleen B.


Annie is exceptional. She is extremely intuitive, smart and very good at her practice.



I received consult with Annie as a gift from a friend. What an amazing gift. Annie is personable, inspiring, and very thorough. She helped with healing. I enjoyed my experience with her. You will too.

Denise T.


Annie is professional, knowledgable, and insightful. Her skills and presence led to wonderful breakthroughs.



When I first started working with Annie I had an extreme amount of anxiety about my finances. I felt I could never get past a certain pay level. I had toxic money I wasn't even aware of. If I made more money one month something would happen to drain it from my account. I was beyond frustrated and hopeless. Using the detailed tapping scripts with Annie I started to have breakthroughs. With Annie's tender care she was able to help me bring light to the very specific fears and limiting beliefs I had from my past programming. I could not have done this on my own. My subconscious was always playing hide and seek with these beliefs for protection. It was so frustrating wanting to change but nothing was happening. But, I am noticing shifts all the time now. I am pulling in more money and opportunities. I am also taking chances that I would not have in the past. I don't overthink it to death I just take the opportunity.

During the program with Annie, I have had some resistance along the way which makes a lot of sense. I'm making big changes so I know this can happen. The way I handle that is to commit to using all the scripts on the daily bases until the resistance is released and I have immediate relief. By tapping It's rewiring my system to be calm when I think about money which will allow me to finally be prosperous. I continue to tap daily because I am determined to shatter my money glass ceiling even more.

I think the biggest result for me is I stopped trying to figure it all out. Through this process I am now able to just trust the money to be available. I could never do that before. I wasted so much time stressing and pushing money away. Annie was genuine and caring and guided me down a rocky road. she was so nurturing and I always felt so supported to take each step. I am so grateful to Annie and blessed to finally have such relief in the area of my finances. I have new clients show up every week now, I have a healthy savings account now, gratefully! I am super excited to enjoy more abundance as the journey unfolds... I can't thank Annie enough.

Donessa Alexander


I've had the pleasure of working with Annie and am so grateful for the opportunity. Annie is a generous, caring and deeply spiritual coach. She was able to reach into my childhood and quickly clear the negative energy surrounding that time in my life. Her coaching freed me from the past and centered me into the present. I am now able to utilize Source energy, the way it was always intended to be embraced. If you are looking for a Life Coach I strongly recommend Annie as she can help you transform your life with her unending knowledge, guidance and compassion. Thank you so much Annie, you're the best!

Cathi M.

Temecula, CA

Annie is a very intuitive coach that listens deeply and helped me to achieve my goals by letting me see new perspectives and solutions.

Bettina Baumgart

San Diego, CA

Working with Annie was nothing short of incredible. I went to her with the intention of discovering confirmation and reassurance of what my life purpose in this incarnation is and for any guidance. This was my first experience with past life regression. Annie gently and easily guided me deep into my subconsciousness and before I knew it I was aware of a different time different place standing in a body that was without question myself from my most recent incarnation. I felt safe and secure and was able to uncover many helpful ideas and suggestions that keep coming even in these days following the session. Annie asked if I would like her to guide me into transition and I did it was another incredible experience that is very personal but I would highly suggest to any brave soul. Thank you so much Annie for this beautiful and profound experience!

Jason Richardson


Dear Annie,

Just a little word to Thank You with all of my Heart and Soul for the work you did with me and for me, using hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression. To say the least, I was truly impressed by the mastery of your techniques and processes as well as by your professionalism. At all time, I felt your calm and confidence in leading me to where I wanted to go; I was not sure myself you could lead me exactly where I wanted to go but, I could feel you were and, I was able to let myself go in total trust... and, this is especially important when someone is leading you in totally unknown territory as in past life regression. I was also feeling that you knew exactly what and when to do it so you could lead me through this while I could be back in peace almost instantly if disturbing emotions were coming up... I felt totally safe and, I was able to fully abandon myself into your leadership and guidance to get exactly the results desired. There was immediate healing in regards to the first issue we dealt with and, an opening in consciousness in the second issue that allowed me to do the healing work needed a little later. So Incredibly Amazing! I want You to know that I will be recommending you and your work as a healer, hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist and spiritual LOA life coach each time I will have an occasion. Keep doing your amazing work and BEing yourself Annie... The World need more persons like You! Thank You again!!!

Alain Deguire


Annie has worked on me using a variety of modalities and every time I have a session with her it is incredible!!  She just seems to "know" what I need when we meet and she digs into her vast selection of hypnotic "tools" and pulls out just the right one. During our session, she gets right to the heart of my issues and guides me to see what is really happening and the correct course of action to resolve it. I always leave feeling refreshed, recharged, and motivated. I feel like I know what I need to do and it's a very good feeling!!!  I always look forward to our next session because I feel so balanced and centered when I leave. Thank you Annie!!!

Kali A.


Annie is sensitive to new people and she creates a comfortable, relaxing environment. I found her knowledgeable and spiritually attuned.

Kathryn H.


Annie is amazing and a very special lady. Her hypnosis is very relaxing and effective. I have 2 more sessions and I go next week and I’m so excited. Thank you Annie. I am going to leave more reviews but I feel it helped me that much and she’s worth it. If you are looking for a way to get to the root of the issue try Annie’s way. It’s a beautiful concept. Thank you!

Michelle Windle